Our Story

The idea for the creation of CC-LIT S.A. was born by a management team of Macedonian Peripherals S.A. in 2011 when the pressure for radical cuts in expenses began and debates on outsourcing opportunities emanated.

The question that was asked was, instead of the task of assigning ourselves to another company, why don't we do it ourselves?

Discussions, plans, organizational charts, finding initial capital, paper warfare, licensing and the creation of the original infrastructure began, and after 12 months we managed to get into production.

We started on August 7, 2012 with two customers, Macedonian Peripherals S.A. and NetConnect S.A who trusted us by choosing our full package of services. Since then we have been constantly expanding our partnerships, and our clientele now includes more than 10 businesses.

We believe that we have created a unique combination of services that can be a lever for supporting new businesses at a time of economic crisis but also a reliable partner for those old businesses looking for ways to grow their activities while reducing their costs - all targeted to the broader IT and technology sector.