CC-LIT S.A. stands for Cash & Carry and Logistics for IT.

Our company is an innovative combination of sales, cash & carry, storage, distribution and supply chain services with technical service, IT and computerization.

The company has storage facilities in Athens and Thessaloniki, staff with 20 years experience in the IT sector and a unique mix of services that offers increased competitiveness to its partners and exits from the crisis.

An ideal solution for new and small businesses active in importing and selling products to IT professionals, CC-LIT offers storage, dispatching, sales opportunities from both the Cash & Carry stores and the online store www.pcshop.gr and service management . This enables these companies to reduce their costs and improve the quality of their services. At the same time, it is an opportunity for larger businesses to have easy access to PcShop's customers / IT professionals.

CC-LIT's goal is to provide foreign and domestic businesses targeting IT professionals and technology consumer stores with direct and competitive access to a vast network of resellers and IT professionals.